Don’t Forget the Clean Up!

At last, your masterpiece is done. A beautiful Stencil job complete in the bathroom, wall paper in the living room and a wall paper border in the baby’s room.

You’re all done……..

Or are you????

Don’t forget about the clean up. The washing of paint brushed that never seem to come clean and good to use another day. The rollers that have more paint embedded in them then the paint you just put on the wall. And of course, for the next year you will continue to find paint splatter on the floor, ceiling and furniture not to mention the uneven seams of the wall paper and the mysterious air bubbles that seem to keep showing up.

DIY decorating can be a tough job as it is and you deserve an easy clean up. If you haven’t before, try using wall decals on your next project instead of the traditional mess applications. Decorative wall decals are being used more and more by businesses big and small in their retail store fronts because they can integrate the design onto EVERYTHING in the store.

They can put the designs on their store front windows, walls, shelving, mirrors, and even the cash register. As well, wall stickers are also 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and maintenance and they are very durable so customers can touch and feel them without fading or falling off.

Show homes in property developments also love this stuff for all the same great reasons plus it saves then a LOT of Time, A lot of Labor dollars, and the finish is better than any paint job on the market. As well, with no messy liquids or pastes there is no risk of staining brand new carpet and there is no dry time so then can start showing the home immediately after application.

If you haven’t tried decorative wall stickers in your home then give them a try on your next project. You wont be disappointed with the results and you don’t need any special know how or practice like with finicky wallpaper and stencils.

Here is a link to some gallery pictures to help you get your creative juices going.

You can also find slideshows of rooms that have vinyl decals used in them here.

Happy Decorating!

Nature Wall Decals - Birds, Leaves, Trees. Branches & More!

Bring a bit of nature into your life with you and make home feel like home again.

Introducing PAINTLESS design wall decals inspired by nature! Bird wall decals, tree wall decals, branch wall decals, and so many more. Even Bamboo wall decals.

Create a cozy atmosphere with neutral colors like black wall decals or brown wall decals for a natural look or make an impression and splash bright red bamboo everywhere!

Whatever your taste, PAINTLESS design can help.

Decorative wall stickers are so easy to apply and have no messy liquids to contend with. They apply in seconds, are as smooth as paint and much more durable then stencils or wall paper.

We are confident that you will love the results.

PAINTLESS design wall stickers can also be applied to windows, mirrors, shelving and any other smooth surface in your home.

And because they are 100% waterproof you can wash and windex them as much as you like without them ever fading or falling off the wall.

Happy Decorating!

Music by Anna Nalik

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