Looking for a Bit of Softness in Your Room without Sticking Cotton to the Walls?

Looking for a Bit of Softness in Your Room without Sticking Cotton to the Walls?

It’s hard to find decor that looks soft while still adding style. Faux finishing is nice and can look great but between one too many badly sponge painted walls and the cement like plaster that some put on their walls that you can never take off, you have to be a professional to make it look right and it doesn’t come cheap.

Hanging a picture on the wall can look hard with all those edges and corners sticking out from the wall. Wall paper is too overwhelming and repetitive at times to really be soft. And stenciling, unless done really, really right is hard to ….. well…. get right.

So what do you do? How do you add just a bit of softness to your walls without having to learn a whole new language of faux finishing or hiring a professional?

Try adding vinyl wall decals. Not a lot, just a few in a soft, floating design that looks like it’s floating down your walls in a subtle color that blends nicely with your walls. The trick is to not look for a lot of contrast.

Here are a couple of examples so you can see what I mean. In one we have added soft grey fern wall decals that look like they are falling from the ceiling and blowing in the wind. They are just on one side of the wall yet the wall looks full.

The other example shows just a few dragonfly wall decals flying up the wall. Just 4 or 5 is all you need to add an accent. A package of 6 Dragonfliesare only $19.99 online to perfectly fill up an empty window or wall. Plus there is no wrong way to position them.

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In these rooms we have just taken simple designs inspired by nature and made them look naturally in motion on the wall. The colors are soft and subtle so as to not to compete with the rooms focal point but adds a soft feel to the room while also adding style.

Nature is always a safe bet when trying to achieve comfort and warmth in a room. That’s not to say that your whole rooms decor has to be nature themed but by adding one element of nature you give that extra bit to make your room more welcoming.

Here are a couple of more rooms where nature wall decals are shown. One uses just one branch wall decal that isn’t too bold and just adds a nice accent to fill in the wall space. The other is also a great example of a long, large wall that can be sometimes awkward to fill. In this dining room a large picture would not quite fill the wall and to wall paper it would be too much and overwhelming. By adding Bamboo wall decals to just one side of the wall it now looks complete. There is no need to fill in the rest of it.

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If you have furniture that has a lot of contrast next to your walls then try adding some soft colored wall decals to help bridge the elements in your room together. For more examples of wall decals you can visit www.paintlessdesign.com and view the Picture Gallery.

Monkey Business Wall Decals

Hey, do you have a little monkey in your life? You know the kinda silly kid who is always fooling around and acting silly… Well, we have the perfect wall decal for your child’s room, a monkey wall decal.

This wall sticker package includes 4 vines and 4 monkeys. This monkey wall sticker is extremely easy to apply!  You can even choose how long you want the vines to be, the maximum length of the vines are 28”, but you can make them as short or as long as you want!!

You can also use this wall graphic for child’s playroom or in your home daycare.

PAINTLESS design wall graphics are also 100% waterproof making them ideal for any wet environment like bathroom or kitchen. You can also Windex and disinfect them, so, no germs will stick to these.

So, if you are looking for an unique way to decorate your child’s room, the Monkey Business vinyl wall decal package from PAINTLESS design may be just the answer.

If you need some help with the application, take a look http://YouTube.com/user/paintlessdesign to see our how to video. The video shows in detail how to arrange your wall stickers, how to smooth vinyl down on your surface, and the easy way to clean up after too.

Daisy Dot Wall Decals from PAINTLESS design!

Looking for a way to invite the outdoors into your daughter’s nursery or playroom? Well look no further that the Daisy Dot vinyl wall decal package from PAINTLESS design.

The daisy dot nursery decal package comes with 4 large daisies, 9 small daisies and15 dots.

There are many options when applying this flower wall decal package; scattered, trailing or just bouncing right across the wall. You daughter will love her new bedroom with this fun and fresh flower decal package.

Apply the Daisy Dot wall stickers to a mirror, dresser or closet door to complete the look, these vinyl wall decals from PAINTLESS design can be applied to any smooth surface!

PAINTLESS design wall graphics are also 100% waterproof making them ideal for any wet environment like bathroom or kitchen. You can also Windex and disinfect them, so, no germs will stick to these.


Custom Wall Decals??? How the Heck Do You Do That??

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Ever have a vision? Not a life altering, world changing vision but a vision of how you want your room to look. The right colors, the right furniture, and the right design on your wall.

Well, Paint and fabric can cover the color issue and there are soooo many furniture stores to help you out with the seating plan but what about the walls? We aren’t all artists to hand paint and stencils are passé. Nice or custom wall paper can easily run upwards of at least $300 for sometimes just one wall.

So what about other options?

Wall decals are basically just a sheet of vinyl that has shapes and words cut out from it. Therefore, if you got the artwork, we can make you a wall sticker.

Now, how to get the artwork. Well, you have 2 options for this. You can hire an artist to draw up your vision for you and then send it in to PAINTLESS design where they can cut it out and ship it to you. Artists can be found locally who specialize in vector artwork (this is the type of artwork that is needed to be compatible with vinyl cutting machines) and they typically run $40-65 dollars an hour.

If you can’t find any artists or don’t know where to start then email sales@paintlessdesign.com and they can point you in the right direction.

Now for those who can already see your bill adding up fast that way, let me offer one other option before you throw your hands up in defeat.

There are many websites out there where artists post their pre drawn artwork onto websites and then sell it to anyone who wants it. I have found a few that are especially well priced with good selection.

So perhaps you want a Parisian Theme for your daughter’s room and you want a HUGE Eiffel Tower from top to bottom on one wall. Well, go to these websites and type in Eiffel Tower. You will probably get about 20-100 different pictures to choose from that are just $5-30 each. The artwork might take a bit of touching up once PAINTLESS design gets it but for the most part, you have a mostly custom design for your wall at an affordable price and that is a heck of a lot easier to apply then wall paper or hand painting.

Most of the designs on www.paintlessdesign.com are intended to allow you to customize the final look by placing your wall stickers anywhere you like on the walls, windows, mirrors, and furniture but when you have a VISION….. well, we understand it’s hard to let go of.

So hopefully this helps. Below are the websites we like a lot but there are lots out there. Just remember to look for Vector Artwork format and if you have any questions, just email sales@paintlessdesign.com or visit our website for more info. www.paintlessdesign.com.

Happy Decorating!

New Design!! Eiffel Tower Wall Decals!

What an impact a design can make!

Have a Parisian Theme room or want to add a bit of travel to your decor? How about just creating a room like no other?

Then perhaps the Eiffel Tower wall decal by PAINTLESS design is the wall sticker for you.

Available in a variety of Colors, the Eiffel Tower is about 5.5 feet tall and striking to see. Apply it from the ground up or put it on an angle for extra design appeal.

The Eiffel Tower wall decal can be applied to walls, windows, mirrors, furniture and virtually everything else that is smooth in your home. PAINTLESS design wall graphics are also 100% waterproof making them ideal for any wet environment like bathroom or kitchen. You can also Windex and clean them with no problem.

The Eiffel Tower wall stickers are also 100% UV safe so they will never fade in the sun and are really great for windows. This pattern is also available in multiple colors so you will be ableto seamlessly fit it into your home decor.

So if you have one big wall that is in need of some attention, perhaps the Eiffel Tower wall decals from PAINTLESS design will be the answer.

As well, take a look our YouTube Channel to see our how to video where it shows you how to apply large wall decals to your walls, specifically showing you the Eiffel Tower. This how to video shows in detail how to arrange your wall stickers, how to smooth vinyl down on your surface, and the easy way to clean up after too.

Happy Decorating!

How to Apply Graceful Branches

The easiest way to create a calm and welcoming room is always by adding a bit of nature to it without overdoing it.

PAINTLESS design would like to offer a very quick, easy & professional way to add this element of nature that is sure to intrigue your guests and help you relax and feel at home in your space.

Introducing our Graceful Branches in the Breeze large wall decals. This wall decal package will fill any odd space in your home like above your bead where hanging pictures isn’t always safe, above a door with high ceilings or above a shelf or desk.

The branch wall sticker package is also available in multiple colors and can be purchased left OR right facing so you are sure to find a perfect match.

This video will help you to see how to apply this larger wall decal perfectly the FIRST time you try and you will be amazed at how fast you can transform your wall.

Like all of PAINTLESS design’s wall stickers, the branch package is 100% waterproof and UV safe so your perfect results will look great for many years.

For more information about this design or to purchase the Graceful Branch in the Breeze wall decal package simply go to http://paintlessdesign.com/products/graceful-branches-in-the-breeze.

How to Decorate a Guest Room

Got one of those “spare” rooms that have kinda turned into a dumping zone? Old exercise equipment, the kids old toys and clothes, boxes of book and who knows what else.

Well it’s time to take your space back. Time to clear it out, have a garage sale and actually be able to find the “guest bed” under the pile of jeans that need hemming and the old drapes from down stairs. It’s time to make a guest room.

So now what? How do you decorate a guest room that will appeal to everyone. All ages, all genders, all styles? Well, we have a few suggestions.

Keep the colors gender neutral. What does that mean? No pinks and purples, no crazy camouflage or blacks & silvers. No doll figurines, no old Star Wars action figures. Keep it clean, crisp and most importantly, interesting. Lacy bed skirts and dolls with mop heads are not interesting. they are dated and booorrr—ing.

So what do we suggest? How about Chocolate Browns and neutral walls? Chances are you already have a bland pallet and adding chocolate brown to any room adds richness without offending any gender or age of person who stays there. Here’s a few designs that we recommend. Each PAINTLESS design wall decal featured comes in Chocolate Brown already or you can request it in this color. Just email sales@paintlessdesign.com for instructions on how to order.

So lets start with the oval loops picture. This is definitely fun. It adds movement while still keeping crisp, clean lines in the room. Great for either gender and any age, this will definitely make the “spare room” the favorite room. The Fun Ovals Wall Decal Package currently come in Black, Ruby Red, White, Chocolate Brown, and Funky Orange.

The Dot-in-a-Dot pattern is somewhat along the sale lines. Not like your typical kid polka-a-dot wall decal, these add a touch of trend, movement, and depth to your walls. They can be arranged in any number of ways for a completely unique look. The Dot-in-a-Dot wall sticker package currently comes in soft pink, candy apple green, sky blue and white but just give us an email and we can make chocolate brown happen for you as well.

The bird wall decals are definitely a favorite. They are the most flexible design that we have. Re arrange the two birds on the 4 branches and use the extra extension branches to fit any wall in your home. It adds a bit of the outside inside without it being too cabin decor like.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use fast and easy, mess free wall decals in your guest room to quickly liven it up without having to paint it as well. And chocolate brown is just one suggestion. Of course gold and sky blues are very appealing as well.

Take a look through our gallery and product pages for more inspiring ideas for your home decor.

Happy Decorating!

Nature Wall Decals - Birds, Leaves, Trees. Branches & More!

Bring a bit of nature into your life with you and make home feel like home again.

Introducing PAINTLESS design wall decals inspired by nature! Bird wall decals, tree wall decals, branch wall decals, and so many more. Even Bamboo wall decals.

Create a cozy atmosphere with neutral colors like black wall decals or brown wall decals for a natural look or make an impression and splash bright red bamboo everywhere!

Whatever your taste, PAINTLESS design can help.

Decorative wall stickers are so easy to apply and have no messy liquids to contend with. They apply in seconds, are as smooth as paint and much more durable then stencils or wall paper.

We are confident that you will love the results.

PAINTLESS design wall stickers can also be applied to windows, mirrors, shelving and any other smooth surface in your home.

And because they are 100% waterproof you can wash and windex them as much as you like without them ever fading or falling off the wall.

Happy Decorating!

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