Custom Wall Decals??? How the Heck Do You Do That??

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Ever have a vision? Not a life altering, world changing vision but a vision of how you want your room to look. The right colors, the right furniture, and the right design on your wall.

Well, Paint and fabric can cover the color issue and there are soooo many furniture stores to help you out with the seating plan but what about the walls? We aren’t all artists to hand paint and stencils are passé. Nice or custom wall paper can easily run upwards of at least $300 for sometimes just one wall.

So what about other options?

Wall decals are basically just a sheet of vinyl that has shapes and words cut out from it. Therefore, if you got the artwork, we can make you a wall sticker.

Now, how to get the artwork. Well, you have 2 options for this. You can hire an artist to draw up your vision for you and then send it in to PAINTLESS design where they can cut it out and ship it to you. Artists can be found locally who specialize in vector artwork (this is the type of artwork that is needed to be compatible with vinyl cutting machines) and they typically run $40-65 dollars an hour.

If you can’t find any artists or don’t know where to start then email and they can point you in the right direction.

Now for those who can already see your bill adding up fast that way, let me offer one other option before you throw your hands up in defeat.

There are many websites out there where artists post their pre drawn artwork onto websites and then sell it to anyone who wants it. I have found a few that are especially well priced with good selection.

So perhaps you want a Parisian Theme for your daughter’s room and you want a HUGE Eiffel Tower from top to bottom on one wall. Well, go to these websites and type in Eiffel Tower. You will probably get about 20-100 different pictures to choose from that are just $5-30 each. The artwork might take a bit of touching up once PAINTLESS design gets it but for the most part, you have a mostly custom design for your wall at an affordable price and that is a heck of a lot easier to apply then wall paper or hand painting.

Most of the designs on are intended to allow you to customize the final look by placing your wall stickers anywhere you like on the walls, windows, mirrors, and furniture but when you have a VISION….. well, we understand it’s hard to let go of.

So hopefully this helps. Below are the websites we like a lot but there are lots out there. Just remember to look for Vector Artwork format and if you have any questions, just email or visit our website for more info.

Happy Decorating!

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