New Design!! Eiffel Tower Wall Decals!

Posted by Leah Coss on

What an impact a design can make!

Have a Parisian Theme room or want to add a bit of travel to your decor? How about just creating a room like no other?

Then perhaps the Eiffel Tower wall decal by PAINTLESS design is the wall sticker for you.

Available in a variety of Colors, the Eiffel Tower is about 5.5 feet tall and striking to see. Apply it from the ground up or put it on an angle for extra design appeal.

The Eiffel Tower wall decal can be applied to walls, windows, mirrors, furniture and virtually everything else that is smooth in your home. PAINTLESS design wall graphics are also 100% waterproof making them ideal for any wet environment like bathroom or kitchen. You can also Windex and clean them with no problem.

The Eiffel Tower wall stickers are also 100% UV safe so they will never fade in the sun and are really great for windows. This pattern is also available in multiple colors so you will be ableto seamlessly fit it into your home decor.

So if you have one big wall that is in need of some attention, perhaps the Eiffel Tower wall decals from PAINTLESS design will be the answer.

As well, take a look our YouTube Channel to see our how to video where it shows you how to apply large wall decals to your walls, specifically showing you the Eiffel Tower. This how to video shows in detail how to arrange your wall stickers, how to smooth vinyl down on your surface, and the easy way to clean up after too.

Happy Decorating!

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