Application Instructions

Ready to design your home the fast, easy & no mess way? Here’s how…

To prepare your surface, wipe the area down with a DRY cloth to be sure there is no dust. If you use a wet cloth or cleaning solutions, be sure the area is dry before applying.

Do not use on freshly painted walls. Only apply once your walls are fully cured...after 30 days.

Pull Back 2 Inches

Fold the white backing paper back about 2 inches. Use the revealed sticker area to stick your graphics to the wall. Arrange the designs until satisfied with your pattern before applying.

Press Side to Side

Once your design is in place, use the applicator, included in every package of PAINTLESS design, and smooth the design onto the wall in a side to side manner to prevent air bubbles. Remove the remaining white backing paper as you apply.

Peel Straight Back

Go over the design with your applicator firmly to be sure the design has adhered. Pull up a corner of the clear application tape and peel it straight back along the wall, not up, and slowly reveal your design.

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