Teens & Up

  • Graceful Vine

    Add a touch of nature to your room with this graceful vine wall graphic. Right Facing design is shown in photo. Vine wall decal is 40" h x 25" w.


  • Wish Upon a Star

    Scatter or line up these star vinyl decals, arrange them in a constellation!  These vinyl star stickers will brighten up any room. Wish Upon a Star package includes; 30 assorted vinyl star decals approx. 2" x...

    $20.00 - $45.00

  • Branches and Leaves

    Invite nature into your house with this decal of branches and leaves.  Apply this wall decal straight up, diagonally or horizontally.  The branches and leaves wall decal is approx. 5' w x 2' h.  ...


  • Hearts

    Our own twist on the classic heart. This package includes; 2 brick heart decals, 2 hearts in a heart stickers, 2 swirl heart vinyl graphics and 2 puffy heart decals, each are approx. 7" h x 7.5" w.


  • Iron Damask

    Whether your room is traditional & classic or modern & edgy, our decorative Iron Damask graphic is sure to fit in perfectly.  A modern twist on a classic motif. Iron Damask wall decal package includes; 1...

    $35.00 - $45.00

  • Old Branch

    This beautiful, simple vinyl branch design that is sure to add a taste of nature to your room.  No leaves, just a simple, fabulous branch to accent your space. The Old Branch wall decal package includes;...


  • Statue of Liberty

    Can’t make it to New York this year? Why not bring New York to you with this vinyl Statue of Liberty graphic. Statue of Libery vinyl decal is 26" X 40".

    $35.00 - $45.00

  • Natural Butterflies

    You can’t contain these butterflies, you have to let them free.  So delicate, so beautiful, this designer wall sticker set comes with a variety side and front facing butterflies to add depth and movement to the...

    $20.00 - $35.00

  • Parisian Eiffel Tower

    Looking to add a bit of culture to your room?  A feeling of travel, or perhaps you are creating a beautiful Parisian room? Then look no further, this beautiful Eiffel Tower stands just over 5.5’ tall...

    $35.00 - $45.00

  • Sassy Dress

    Feeling sassy?  Add a little sass to your dressing room, closet or washroom with this designer wall graphic. The Sassy Dress wall decal package includes; 2 Sassy Dresses approx. 12" h x 6" w in...


  • Elegant Rosa Pattern

    This elegant designer vinyl wall decal is a new spin on traditional damask.  The application variations are endless with this pattern.  Scatter, cluster, make into a boarder or pin stripes, let your creative juices flow....

    $35.00 - $45.00

  • Making Beautiful Music

    This isn’t any musical script.  With this music decal, you write your own music!  Apply the vinyl script to your wall and then add as many or as few notes as you want to your...

    $40.00 - $50.00

  • Music Notes

    Add grace and style to any bare space with these decorative vinyl music notes. Music Notes package includes; 1 large music note approx. 16" h x 4.75" w and 2 small music notes approx. 11.5"...

    $20.00 - $25.00

  • Flowing Branch in the Breeze

    Bring the outdoors in and feel a sense of calm in your room.  Just use the bonus leaves to fill in the spaces and give a sense of movement to your room. The Flowing Branch...


  • Rearing Horse

    Is there a more beautiful animal then a horse, so strong and wild?  This Black Stallion wall graphic is bold and beautiful in any horse lovers room.  Perfect for an off to the side accent...


  • Graceful Dragonflies

    A great accent for any bare space, these Graceful Dragonfly wall decals are free flowing and beautiful. These wall decals offer a no mess, no fuss way to beautifully cover the walls in your space....


  • Dot in a Dot

    A modern twist on the average dot, you can add whimsy to any room with these versatile vinyl wall decals.   Fun wall art. Are you a closet designer?  Let the inner designer in you...


  • Silhouette Women

    Style, grace, and sophistication...these ladies have it all. The Silhouette Women package includes; 1 right facing and 1 left facing woman approx. 14.5" h x 6" w each. Search Terms – (wall decals) (wall stickers)...

    $15.00 - $20.00

  • Calm Coi Fish & Lilly Pads

    Let this Coi Fish and Lilly Pads vinyl wall graphic collection add Asian flare and calm to your space.   Calm Coi Fish and Lily Pads package includes; 6 Coi Fish approx. 7.5" h x 11"...


  • Serenity Bamboo

    Great for ANY room in the house, this bamboo vinyl wall design adds a touch of Asian style and sophistication. These wall decals offer a no mess, no fuss way to beautifully cover the walls...