The Perfect Wall Sticker for the Rebel in You!

Introducing the anarchy wall decal package, a brand new design from PAINTLESS design!

This is a great package for the rebel in you or your kids. If you are looking to add a little attitude to your room, still keeping in good taste, then the anarchy wall sticker package may be for you.

This package contains an anarchy sign wall decal that is 13.25”X13.25”, a skull wall sticker that is 13.25”X11” and a bomb wall decal that is 26”X13.25”.

This anarchy wall decal package is $39.99 and comes in your choice of red or black. We can also create this wall decal package in other colors as requested. 

PAINTLESS design also custom creates custom designs, so, if you don’t see the perfect wall decal package your looking for, contact us at for a custom quote.



Room Wall Decals for Baby! Wow!

There's nothing like decorating a nursery.

Such fun colors, such cute designs, but is it all safe?

Hanging pictures can be dangerous, some stick on designs can easily fall off and be toxic, and wallpaper borders are so hard to change once they grow up.

Try PAINTLESS design's nursery wall decals and see how this is the perfect application to put on your wall. These nursery wall stickers are easy to apply without any toxic liquids or fumes so it is safe for even pregnant mom to use.

These designs are also guaranteed never to curl or peel so they will never fall into baby's hands and they are 100% waterproof so you can keep them clean and sterile.

PAINTLESS design nursery wall decals are also great for spicing up white dressers, change tables, and cribs to add more fun and color as well as integrate the decor into the rest of the items in the rooms. Try using fast, easy and professional grade wall decals from PAINTLESS design in your nursery and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

There are many colors and designs to choose from that you are sure to find the perfect one for your baby.

Examples are out stork wall decals, cloud wall stickers, flower wall decals, jungle wall decals and animal wall stickers. And these are just a few. Grab them in pink, black, white, mint green, yellow, purple or many other colors of wall decals.

Send us pictures of your baby wall decals applied to your nursery. We would love to see it! If you need to know how to apply wall decals or how to apply wall stickers then be sure to also stop by our other videos on our channel and they will show you there. See the easy as 1, 2, 3 wall decals applied to any smooth surface in the home.

Happy Decorating!

Looking for a Modern Twist on Traditional Home Decor?

Through the years we have changed and adapted our home decor based on that of the past. For example, we use wall paper in stead fo fabric like they did back in the day. It is more affordible and practical in these busy times, especially if you have children.

But now we are moving even one step further. Wall paper is a beautiful look but it takes time and talent to really do it well. It also isn’t as practical for those who like to change up their look every couple of years and it is hard to keep things simple and clean looking with a repetative pattern running through the room.

So what is the next step? How do you achieve simple, crisp decor while still adding a punch of design while remaining practical and affordable?

Modern Wall Decals.

Wall Stickers are very easy to use with no mess or special talent needed. They are also very practical for a busy household because they are waterproof for easy cleaning and they wont fade, dry out or curl off your walls so the perfect reasults will last for 10+ years.

In terms of the final look, it is crisp, clean and as vibrant or subtle as you want. Add lots, add few, add color or keep it neutral. It’s all up to you.

And in terms of price, PAINTLESS design is committed to bringing you affordible wall decals for you home that costs less then a can of paint and brush let alone the time you will save as well.

Here are some examples of New twists on traditional design. Iron Damask, Birds on Cherry Blossoms, Bamboo and even flowers for little girls. Compare this with a whole wall of birds or a whole wall of flowers. That can be really distracting and overwhelming when instead you can just use it as accents in your room or to create a beautiful feature wall.

For more information about these designs or to purchase the any of the just visit our product section of the website located on the menu bar to the left or click:
Original Wall Graphics
For Kids! Wall Graphics
Expressions (words & phrases)
Baby Block Wall Graphics

Happy Decorating!

Yes, You ARE a Decorator and We Want to See What You've Got!

Have you purchased or been given PAINTLESS design Wall & Surface Decals?

What did you create with them?

We want to see what you’ve got! Send us your pictures in a high resolution format of your room or surface that you designed with PAINTLESS design and you could win a $100 FREE to spend online on PAINTLESS design products.

Were you creative? Did you change the whole look and feel of your room? Feel free to send us a before picture as well. We want to see your works of art and share it with the world by posting it on our website and even using it in promotional material.

Your home could be famous!

So email all of your pictures and questions to with your name, address, email, and a little bit about the room you decorated, about using PAINTLESS design and how you feel about the results.

We look forward to seeing all the great rooms and creative surfaces that you decorate with our decals!

Happy Decorating!

How to Apply Wall Decals and Wall Stickers (Videos)

Do you learn better by being shown how to do something rather then reading about it? Us too so what we have done is created a YouTube video channel that shows assorted how to apply large and regular wall decal videos, removal of wall decals, special tips and tricks as well as creative new ways to apply them.

Check out our channel and be sure to subscribe to our videos so that you don’t miss any special offers, new designs, and great information on home decor.

PAINTLESS design YouTube Channel

To get you started, here are a couple of popular videos on how to apply wall decals, how to remove wall decals, and a video about a very simple trick to making your application look just like the professionals.

Happy Decorating!

Little Boy Room Decor - Not So Simple Is It??

When it comes to clothes and decor, little girls rooms always seem to be so much easier aren’t they? So much variety, so much to choose from.

Well at PAINTLESS design we are working on that and have come out with 2 fun new designs that have been requested by you, our customers. We want to give you what you want so here you go.

Introducing Little Toy Trucks Wall Decals in either a Red and Blue or Blue and Green combo package and our Fun Jungle Party Wall Decals available in White, Green or Light Blue.

<< Little Toy Trucks << Fun Jungle Party

We had so many inquires about developing these 2 designs and we couldn’t resist. We hope you like them.

If you have any other design requests or ideas for boys room wall decals then please dont hesitate to contact us at We are always listening.

Other little boy designs to take a look at are our sports wall decals in Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Paintball Splats. Buy different colors and make the two colors play against each other on your wall! They are so much fun!

For a design that he can grow into try out our Sophisticated Pokadots, Sophisticated Ovals, or Explosive Stars for something new!

So good luck to all you moms out there designing your kids rooms. We hope it’s a fun and exciting experience and we hope that you will invite PAINTLESS design into your home.

Happy Decorating!

How to Decorate a Guest Room

Got one of those “spare” rooms that have kinda turned into a dumping zone? Old exercise equipment, the kids old toys and clothes, boxes of book and who knows what else.

Well it’s time to take your space back. Time to clear it out, have a garage sale and actually be able to find the “guest bed” under the pile of jeans that need hemming and the old drapes from down stairs. It’s time to make a guest room.

So now what? How do you decorate a guest room that will appeal to everyone. All ages, all genders, all styles? Well, we have a few suggestions.

Keep the colors gender neutral. What does that mean? No pinks and purples, no crazy camouflage or blacks & silvers. No doll figurines, no old Star Wars action figures. Keep it clean, crisp and most importantly, interesting. Lacy bed skirts and dolls with mop heads are not interesting. they are dated and booorrr—ing.

So what do we suggest? How about Chocolate Browns and neutral walls? Chances are you already have a bland pallet and adding chocolate brown to any room adds richness without offending any gender or age of person who stays there. Here’s a few designs that we recommend. Each PAINTLESS design wall decal featured comes in Chocolate Brown already or you can request it in this color. Just email for instructions on how to order.

So lets start with the oval loops picture. This is definitely fun. It adds movement while still keeping crisp, clean lines in the room. Great for either gender and any age, this will definitely make the “spare room” the favorite room. The Fun Ovals Wall Decal Package currently come in Black, Ruby Red, White, Chocolate Brown, and Funky Orange.

The Dot-in-a-Dot pattern is somewhat along the sale lines. Not like your typical kid polka-a-dot wall decal, these add a touch of trend, movement, and depth to your walls. They can be arranged in any number of ways for a completely unique look. The Dot-in-a-Dot wall sticker package currently comes in soft pink, candy apple green, sky blue and white but just give us an email and we can make chocolate brown happen for you as well.

The bird wall decals are definitely a favorite. They are the most flexible design that we have. Re arrange the two birds on the 4 branches and use the extra extension branches to fit any wall in your home. It adds a bit of the outside inside without it being too cabin decor like.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use fast and easy, mess free wall decals in your guest room to quickly liven it up without having to paint it as well. And chocolate brown is just one suggestion. Of course gold and sky blues are very appealing as well.

Take a look through our gallery and product pages for more inspiring ideas for your home decor.

Happy decorating!