Looking for a Modern Twist on Traditional Home Decor?

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Through the years we have changed and adapted our home decor based on that of the past. For example, we use wall paper in stead fo fabric like they did back in the day. It is more affordible and practical in these busy times, especially if you have children.

But now we are moving even one step further. Wall paper is a beautiful look but it takes time and talent to really do it well. It also isn’t as practical for those who like to change up their look every couple of years and it is hard to keep things simple and clean looking with a repetative pattern running through the room.

So what is the next step? How do you achieve simple, crisp decor while still adding a punch of design while remaining practical and affordable?

Modern Wall Decals.

Wall Stickers are very easy to use with no mess or special talent needed. They are also very practical for a busy household because they are waterproof for easy cleaning and they wont fade, dry out or curl off your walls so the perfect reasults will last for 10+ years.

In terms of the final look, it is crisp, clean and as vibrant or subtle as you want. Add lots, add few, add color or keep it neutral. It’s all up to you.

And in terms of price, PAINTLESS design is committed to bringing you affordible wall decals for you home that costs less then a can of paint and brush let alone the time you will save as well.

Here are some examples of New twists on traditional design. Iron Damask, Birds on Cherry Blossoms, Bamboo and even flowers for little girls. Compare this with a whole wall of birds or a whole wall of flowers. That can be really distracting and overwhelming when instead you can just use it as accents in your room or to create a beautiful feature wall.

For more information about these designs or to purchase the any of the just visit our product section of the website located on the menu bar to the left or click:
Original Wall Graphics
For Kids! Wall Graphics
Expressions (words & phrases)
Baby Block Wall Graphics

Happy Decorating!

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