Little Boy Room Decor - Not So Simple Is It??

Posted by Leah Coss on

When it comes to clothes and decor, little girls rooms always seem to be so much easier aren’t they? So much variety, so much to choose from.

Well at PAINTLESS design we are working on that and have come out with 2 fun new designs that have been requested by you, our customers. We want to give you what you want so here you go.

Introducing Little Toy Trucks Wall Decals in either a Red and Blue or Blue and Green combo package and our Fun Jungle Party Wall Decals available in White, Green or Light Blue.

<< Little Toy Trucks << Fun Jungle Party

We had so many inquires about developing these 2 designs and we couldn’t resist. We hope you like them.

If you have any other design requests or ideas for boys room wall decals then please dont hesitate to contact us at We are always listening.

Other little boy designs to take a look at are our sports wall decals in Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Paintball Splats. Buy different colors and make the two colors play against each other on your wall! They are so much fun!

For a design that he can grow into try out our Sophisticated Pokadots, Sophisticated Ovals, or Explosive Stars for something new!

So good luck to all you moms out there designing your kids rooms. We hope it’s a fun and exciting experience and we hope that you will invite PAINTLESS design into your home.

Happy Decorating!

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