How to Decorate a Guest Room

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Got one of those “spare” rooms that have kinda turned into a dumping zone? Old exercise equipment, the kids old toys and clothes, boxes of book and who knows what else.

Well it’s time to take your space back. Time to clear it out, have a garage sale and actually be able to find the “guest bed” under the pile of jeans that need hemming and the old drapes from down stairs. It’s time to make a guest room.

So now what? How do you decorate a guest room that will appeal to everyone. All ages, all genders, all styles? Well, we have a few suggestions.

Keep the colors gender neutral. What does that mean? No pinks and purples, no crazy camouflage or blacks & silvers. No doll figurines, no old Star Wars action figures. Keep it clean, crisp and most importantly, interesting. Lacy bed skirts and dolls with mop heads are not interesting. they are dated and booorrr—ing.

So what do we suggest? How about Chocolate Browns and neutral walls? Chances are you already have a bland pallet and adding chocolate brown to any room adds richness without offending any gender or age of person who stays there. Here’s a few designs that we recommend. Each PAINTLESS design wall decal featured comes in Chocolate Brown already or you can request it in this color. Just email for instructions on how to order.

So lets start with the oval loops picture. This is definitely fun. It adds movement while still keeping crisp, clean lines in the room. Great for either gender and any age, this will definitely make the “spare room” the favorite room. The Fun Ovals Wall Decal Package currently come in Black, Ruby Red, White, Chocolate Brown, and Funky Orange.

The Dot-in-a-Dot pattern is somewhat along the sale lines. Not like your typical kid polka-a-dot wall decal, these add a touch of trend, movement, and depth to your walls. They can be arranged in any number of ways for a completely unique look. The Dot-in-a-Dot wall sticker package currently comes in soft pink, candy apple green, sky blue and white but just give us an email and we can make chocolate brown happen for you as well.

The bird wall decals are definitely a favorite. They are the most flexible design that we have. Re arrange the two birds on the 4 branches and use the extra extension branches to fit any wall in your home. It adds a bit of the outside inside without it being too cabin decor like.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use fast and easy, mess free wall decals in your guest room to quickly liven it up without having to paint it as well. And chocolate brown is just one suggestion. Of course gold and sky blues are very appealing as well.

Take a look through our gallery and product pages for more inspiring ideas for your home decor.

Happy Decorating!

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