A Wild Safari Adventure

Posted by Sajda Siemens on

I was going through my photo album last week with my neighbour’s 18 month old boy when he started to go wild over the pictures I had of my safari trip to Africa. He loved the lions and giraffes, and clapped his hands when he saw the elephants.

That evening I was inspired to put together a designer vinyl wall decal package that includes 4 lion vinyl decals, in two different sizes (3.5" X 8.5" and 2.3" X 6") one left and one right facing of each size, 4 elephant vinyl decals in two different sizes (4" X 13" and 3" X 9") one left and one right facing of each size, and 4 giraffe vinyl decals, 2 left facing and 2 right facing, in two different sizes as well 8.3" X 10" and 5" X 6".

This package is perfect for the mom looking for a designer wall decal to decorate their little ones room into their own personal safari adventure. Your kids will roar with delight and trumpet with joy when they see the wall decals of these safari animals.

Happy decorating!

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