Japanese Wall Decals from PAINTLESS design

Posted by Sajda Siemens on

Have you been trying to add some tranquility to your dining room, bedroom or living room? Look no further than these Japanese Kanji Symbol Wall Decals from PAINTLESS design. 

This package includes one Happiness Japanese Kanji Wall decal, once Friendship Japanese symbol sticker, one Love Wall Decal & once Life Japanese Kanji Symbol decal, each Japanese symbol wall sticker is approx 11"X13". 

Some of our customers have displayed these Japanese symbol decals all in a row or in a square, any way you choose will show your true decorating design. 

If you need some help with the application, take a look http://YouTube.com/user/paintlessdesign to see our how to video. The video shows in detail how to arrange your wall stickers, how to smooth vinyl down on your surface, and the easy way to clean up after too.

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