Top 10 reasons to decorate with decorative wall decals and wall tattoos….

Posted by Jennifer Trudeau on

1. Wall decals are inexpensive – you can change them often without breaking your bank!

2. Don’t wreak your walls when you remove them – wall decals are especially awesome if you rent or live in a university dorm.

3. Can change the atmosphere of your room – wall tattoo – wow what an impact!

4. Aren’t messy to apply – no glue, no water, no brush to apply these wall designs.

5. You don’t require any special tools – PAINTLESS design includes everything you require in the wall decal package.

6. You don’t require any special skills to apply them – these wall tattoos are fool proof!

7. Transform old furniture – you heard it right!  Take a wall decal and apply it to an old piece of furniture, you’ll be amazed by the face lift.

8. Safe for expecting mothers to apply – unlike paint that has fumes, wall decals don’t give off any harmful fumes.

9. Safe for babies – unlike stickers, baby can’t remove wall decals, wall decals won’t peel or fall of, they will not find their way into baby’s mouth.

10. Their just plain cool – let’s face it wall decals are simply irresistible!

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