How to Decorate a Nursery Safely for Mommy and Baby

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When decorating a nursery you have a lot of decisions to make. 

What color scheme to go with, finding the right crib and location in the room. Don't put it by a window, don't hang pictures above it, make sure they can't reach anything on shelves, and so forth. 

But what about mom? When pregnant you will want to be safe too. Don't decorate with toxic materials, don't stress out the body with anything too difficult or hard to maneuver. 

So what's the solution? What are some options that are safe for mom and baby? We want to recommend PAINTLESS design's NEW Stork & Bundle Nursery Wall Decals. Unlike those little kid stickers, this stork will stretch across the wall above baby's crib with no mess, no fumes, and wont peel off into little hands.

PAINTLESS design Nursery wall decals, Kid wall stickers 

Safe for mom and baby. 

Plus, if some finger prints or mess ends up on the ivory white Stork the patterns are 100% waterproof so you can wash and clean them as much as you like. They will also never fade in the sunlight. This package comes with an ivory white Stork approximately 3ft long, your choice of baby blue or baby pink bundle, 3 fluffy white clouds and a fun baby phrase to place anywhere in the room. 

PAINTLESS design offers many different options for nursery decor so be sure to stop by our Kids section for more safe and fun ideas. 

Happy Decorating!

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