Oui Oui Madame, You Can See Paris This Year...

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Yes, that’s right. No matter what kind of shape the economy is in and no matter what your schedule is this year, you can bring a bit of Paris into your home with our gallery Eiffel Tower Wall Decal design package. This design makes a huge impact in even the simplest rooms and comes in many colors that you are sure to find the perfect shade.

The black Eiffel Tower wall sticker is great for ANY room’s decor and can stand out or blend depending on where and how you apply it. For a blended simply look, take your Eiffel Tower wall decal and place it behind a table or behind a chair. You can have it next to the TV stand or beside your bed. This helps to draw even more attention to your focal point or just add some more texture and depth to an empty space.

To make an impact with it step into your room and find the spot where your eyes goes to first and slap your Eiffel Tower wall sticker on the wall right there. Get creative and place it on an angle or even upside down. Buy 2 Eiffel Tower Wall Decals in different color, like Black and Silver or Bright Pink and Black, and slightly overlap the designs for real depth and interest.

The Eiffel Tower wall graphic stands about 5.8 feet tall so you don’t have to worry about it not being seen. And remember, PAINTLESS design wall decals are 100% waterproof so if you want to put it on an empty window or on a full length mirror you can do that too! Because of the vinyl material you can Windex and clean your surface as usual without harming the color or adhesion to the surface. Just don’t use bleach.

If you want to try a design that isn’t quite so obvious that you envy Paris then try our Iron Damask design. It’s a modern twist on traditional French Decor when they used to use expensive fabrics on their walls.

The Iron Damask comes in so many different colors and depending on your wall color, you can make this design POP or create a subtle texture on your wall. Either way, Your friends will LOVE it and so will you.

So, if you can’t make it to Paris this year try adding Parisian wall decals to your home instead. It’s not the same but a heck of a good start.

Happy Decorating!

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