Hand gestures wall decal package

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My husband’s co worker came to him the other day and said that her 13 year old son was looking for a way to give his room a little bit of his own touch something to make it his own. She said she wanted something he could do himself nothing to difficult. I suggested she look at our Teen Line , especially the Hand Gestures, it is something that is cool but nothing that will be offensive.

These wall decals can add a cool hip look for boys or girls. These Hand Gestures wall decals come in a package that includes Hang Ten wall decal(17"X12"), Thumbs Up (17""X13.5") wall graphic, Peace Out (20"X7.5") wall decal and Rock Out (20"X7.5") wall decal. Wall decals from PAINTLESS design can be something that will allow your teen to express themselves.

And for a cool add on you can add a custom vinyl decal phrase in a Graffiti Font that looks like it came right out of the alleys of New York.....

Speaking of New York check out the Statue of Liberty for a big city theme. If you need some help with the application, take a look http://YouTube.com/user/paintlessdesign to see our how to video. The video shows in detail how to arrange your wall stickers, how to smooth vinyl down on your surface, and the easy way to clean up after too.

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