Bring on the dragonfly wall decals

Posted by Sajda Siemens on

With summer fast approaching, you can’t help but think of mosquitoes and I for one love the site of a mosquito eating dragonfly in summer.

By special request we are bring two versions of dragonfly wall decal to our line up this spring. Our new Whimsical Dragonfly vinyl decal sticker package has two angles of the dragonfly; top view and diving side view. Giving you the ability to have some real fun with how you place these designer wall decals.

You can alternate between the two dragonfly wall decals along the top of the wall to create a whimsical border of dragon flies soaring and diving in the air or place each angle in line playing follow the leader to create a whimsical fun scene of dragonflies having fun.

Our Playful Dragonfly designer decal package was designed to help one of our customers create a themed room for their child. They were unable to find appropriate wall decals to compliment their dragonfly comforter. After designing it we loved this Playful Dragonfly decal so much we decided to share it with the rest of followers.

This Playful Dragonfly wall decal package can really can bring some fun to your child’s room. You can take these 12 Playful Dragonfly vinyl stickers and create a real fun atmosphere with this cartoon like designer wall decal. These decals comes in multiple colors and are cute cute cute!

Happy decorating!

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