Serentity Bamboo Wall Decals - The Perfect Touch

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Do you have an awkward wall that you don't know what to do with? Big or small, Serenity Bamboo from PAINTLESS design can be the perfect solution. PAINTLESS design wall decals strategically creates their designs so that they can be modified to fit any room and any wall. The Serenity Bamboo Wall Decals package is no exception.

Serenity Bamboo Wall Decals

This flexible and waterproof vinyl material can bend to odd and uneven surfaces and is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen as the moisture will not effect the finish of your Bamboo Wall Stickers unlike a wallpaper or stencil paint. Your Bamboo's rich finish and brilliant color will never fade or washout and the moisture will not dissolve the material in any way. The Bamboo design can also be adjusted in respect to the arrangement of the design. For an abstract look you can take each stalk and scatter them in any fashion you like. For a more structured look or to create a strong focal point you can also stack the bamboo stalks one on top of the other for a powerful impact. However you place them, they will be sure to add the perfect Asian finishing touch. Serenity Bamboo Wall Decals come in a series of colors to choose from and have the same easy way to apply as all of PAINTLESS design's wall stickers do. For any questions about Serenity Bamboo or anything else that PAINTLESS design offers, please feel welcome to email, visit our website at or find our videos on for special tips, tricks and how to videos. Happy Decorating! And thank you for inviting PAINTLESS design wall decals into your home. The PAINTLESS design team

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