How am I going to decorate the nursery??

Posted by Sajda Siemens on

This question crosses the mind of every expecting mother, I know it crossed mine - twice, each time I carried each of my daughters. The reality is you want to the nursery decorated before you bouncing bundle comes into the world, cuz let's face it, you'll be too busy and too exhausted to decorate after! As a mother, you'll likely be looking for: - something unisex - unless you know if you are having a girl or a boy - something safe, nothing that can end up in baby's mouth - something inexpensive, you'll probably be redecorating once your child is 3 The perfect solution - kids vinyl decals from PAINTLESS design, it fits all the criteria. These wall decals are fun, quick to apply and are safe for mom to be. May I suggest the Fluffy Cloud wall decal, the Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere wall tattoo, the Fun Jungle Party vinyl wall decal or the classic Baby Block decal. There are even Words and Phrases to choose from. Don't find what you are looking for? You can it custom made in the color of your choice. Happy decorating!

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